We make innovation happen... for real!

Design service offers and
demonstrate their potential

Implementation of carsharing service in Paris

Transform organisations

Workshop for the "Grand Paris" definition

Manage and coordinate projects

Implementation of carsharing service in Indianapolis

Design and develop solutions

Development of the collaborative tool for Ariane 6 project / © ESA/DUCROS David, 2016

Collect, analyse and
process data

Implementation of a DMP for Havas

Connect, operate and secure

PICOT submarine cable landing in Ouvéa (New Caledonia)

We think it, we build it, we run it, we improve it, you are proud of it!


We are a team driven by passion and creativity, always deeply involved within our clients' structures to understand, analyse and produce the best possible solution.


We answer our clients' business challenges by solving mathematical and computer science problems around data.

Data scientists

We are software engineers striving for innovative solutions.

Infra / Ops

We pilot large-scale infrastructure projects where we act as the vital interface between the functional and technical components.